For over 35 years, Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk (SLE) has committed to providing its clients the finest legal services available in the field of intellectual property. As a pioneer in biotechnology law, the firm has a storied history of securing intellectual property rights of inventions based on scientific research.

SLE is particularly active in patent matters involving inventions that pertain to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (plants, animals, and microbes), medical and industrial instruments, organic chemistry, electronics, optics, and materials science.

SLE has extensive experience in filing and prosecuting patent applications and in representing clients whose applications have become involved in appellate or interference proceedings.

Services provided by SLE also include providing patentability, infringement, and patent validity opinions; negotiating license and contract arrangements; as well as advising clients involved in the settlement of intellectual property disputes. SLE also has extensive experience in trademark registration.

Representative Patents

Health and Pharmaceutical Related

  • Treatment of Lipodystrophy (7,022,693)
  • Treatment of Inflammatory Disorders (7,034,028)
  • Methods of Detecting and Treating Colon Disorders (8,440,395)
  • Methods and Apparatus for Diagnosis and/or Prognosis of Cancer (8,737,715)
  • Materials and Methods for Respiratory Disease Control in Canines (9,345,758)
  • Pharmaceutical compositions comprising glitazones and Nrf2 activators (9,504,679)
  • Carbon monoxide releasing rhenium compounds for medical use (9,512,156)
  • DNA vector and transformed tumor cell vaccines (9,555,088)
  • Materials and Methods for Respiratory Disease Control in Canines (9,913,892)
  • Plant Lectins as Carriers of Associated Drug Substances into Animal and Human Cells (9,862,939)
  • Materials and Methods for Respiratory Disease Control in Canines (10,258,686)
  • Nanoparticle targeted drug delivery to the lungs using extra-testicular sertoli cells (10,272,053)
  • Method for the treatment of epilepsy, epileptogenesis, seizures or convulsions by an anti-colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF-1R) antibody (10,316,097)
  • Treatment of lung cancer using hedgehog pathway inhibitors (10,328,072)
  • Use of Indole Compounds to Stimulate the Immune System (10,894,035)
  • Phage Therapy of E Coli Infections (10,918,680)
  • Checkpoint inhibitor and a whole cell Mycobacterium for use in cancer therapy (10,925,952)
  • Gravity dependent ventilator (10,926,046)
  • Antimalarial Compositions and Uses Thereof (10,947,176)
  • Cannabidiol Compositions and Uses Thereof (10,952,432)
  • Bicarbonate-Based Aqueous Cosmetic Composition (10,980,724)
  • Method for Protein Purification (11,014,962)
  • Methods for Diagnosing or Monitoring Muscular Dystrophies (11,099,193)

Medical Devices and Procedures

  • Detection of Cancer by Elevated Levels of Bcl-2 (8,034,549)
  • Hyperglycosylated IL-7, Preparation and Uses (8,034,327)
  • Use of IL-18BP Isoforms for the Treatment and/or Prevention of Neurological Inflammatory Diseases (8,128,920)
  • Hyperglycosylated Mammalian IL-7 IGG Conjugate Composition (8,153,114)
  • Method for making self-assembling, collagen-based material for corneal replacement (9,517,598)
  • Immobilization System to Support an In Vivo Medical Device (9,808,649)
  • Devices and Methods for Minimizing Infusion of Air into an Intravenous Fluid Line from and Intravenous Fluid Bag (10,052,434)
  • Medical Content Search and Results (10,275,531)
  • Intraoperative Guidance System for Tumor Surgery (10,709,334)
  • Plasma Treatment Device and Method of Treating Items (10,821,199)
  • Intraosseous Stent (10,888,440)
  • Pressure Sensor for Measuring Pressure Applied by a Bandage or Stocking (10,888,464)
  • Surgical extraction device for bone implant tips (10,966,842)
  • Micropump (11,009,026)
  • Micropump (11,009,018)


  • Substituted Polyalkoxysiloxane Compositions and Methods of Use (8,552,135)
  • Azasteroidal mimics (10,214,496)
  • Boronic acid derivatives (10,253,049)
  • 5-ALA derivatives and use thereof (10,258,690)
  • (E)-3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-N-(prop-2-yn-1-yl)acrylamide for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (10,259,777)
  • Substituted boronic acids and boronate esters as immunoproteasome inhibitors (10,294,246)
  • Polylactide compositions and uses thereof (10,314,913)
  • Methods for Detection of Oxidative Adulterants in Urine Sample (10,571,457)
  • Synthesis of haloindenes (10,954,178)


  • Process for manufacturing of a fermented dairy product (9,648,891)
  • Therapeutic and Nutritional Compositions (10,772,344)


  • Chloroperoxidase-catalyzed degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants in wastewater (9,938,176)
  • Soil remediation facility and soil remediation method using the same (10,040,104)

Proteins and Antibodies

  • Hyperglycosylated Mammalian IL-7 IGG Conjugate Composition (8,153,114)
  • Use of IL-18BP Isoforms for the Treatment and/or Prevention of Neurological Inflammatory Diseases (8,128,920)
  • Detection of Cancer by Elevated Levels of Bcl-2 (8,034,549)
  • Hyperglycosylated IL-7, Preparation and Uses (8,034,327)
  • Monoclonal antibody for predicting tamoxifen response in breast cancer patients (10,823,735)
  • Method for increasing the percentage of monomeric antibody Fab-dsFv multimeric species (10,829,565)
  • Tau-Binding Antibodies (10,889,640)
  • TAU-Binding Antibodies (10,906,966)
  • Gremlin-1 antibody (10,947,304)
  • Anti-LSP1 Antibody (10,968,281)
  • Humanized Antibodies with Increased Stability (11,066,470)
  • Esterases and Uses Thereof (11,072,784)
  • Siglec-10 Antibodies (11,083,785)

Genes, Genetic Engineering, and DNA Synthesis

  • Use of Pseudogene Insertion Sites to Create Novel Traits in Transgenic Organisms (7,618,819)
  • Expression Cassette for Transformation Comprising a Modified Viral Sequence Driven by a Suitable Promoter (10,308,946)
  • Methods for improving neural communication between tissue regions (10,391,329)
  • Use of indole compounds to stimulate the immune system (10,894,035)
  • Method of Producing Terpenes or Terpenoids (10,900,060)
  • Dimeric Reverse Transcriptase (11,021,693)
  • RNA Vaccines (11,020,477)
  • Hybrid Dual Recombinant AAV Vector Systems for Gene Therapy (11,072,803)


  • General Purpose Submarine Having High Speed Surface Capability (7,856,938)
  • Spindle Motor (8,074,238)
  • Printed Circuit Board and Method for Manufacturing the same, and Panel for Manufacturing the Printed Circuit Board (8,426,739)
  • Devices and Systems for Improved Traffic Control Signal Assembly (8,540,392)
  • Active Aerodynamic Mitigation and Power Production System for Buildings and Other Structures (9,951,752)
  • Coating method by electrocatalyzed chemical grafting of a surface of a substrate with a polymeric layer (9,534,309)
  • Gas turbine blade for an aircraft engine and method for coating a gas turbine blade (9,624,781)
  • Docking station for underwater robot (9,758,224)
  • Folded Steel Plate Bridge System (9,915,045)
  • Step Adaptor for Transitioning Between Sections of an Extension Ladder (10,012,022)
  • Methods and Devices for Sustained Release of Substances (10,314,617)
  • Lock System (10,955,211)


  • Method for producing metal powders (9,579,725)
  • Paper microfluidic devices for detection of improvised explosives (9,891,207)
  • Synthesis of high temperature ceramic powders (9,919,973)
  • Thin-film formation method, thin-film formation device, object to be processed having coating film formed thereof, die and tool (10,060,021)
  • Desiccant Mixture Compositions (10,286,379)
  • Shape Memory Polymer Inks and Methods of Printing the Same (10,906,238)
  • Passive RFID Temperature Sensors With Liquid Crystal Elastomers (10,909,438)
  • Glass Scintillators and Methods of Manufacturing the Same (10,940,639)
  • Materials and methods for reducing viscosity of oil (10,947,444)
  • Boron Nitride Nanotube-Magnesium Alloy Composites and Manufacturing Methods Thereof (10,947,607)


  • Flexible solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same (9,543,459)
  • Nanowire manufacturing kit having nanowire manufacturing substrate and nanowire adhesive film and nanowire manufactured using the same (9,695,499)
  • Quantum-dot based hybrid LED lighting devices (9,735,386)
  • Electromagnetic booster for wireless charging and method of manufacturing the same (9,825,482)
  • Quench Protected Structured Superconducting Cable (10,037,835)
  • Control Circuit of Liquid Lens, Camera Module and Method of Controlling Liquid Lens (10,097,742)
  • Voice coil motor comprising a magnet fixing structure (10,234,680)
  • RTMS pulse frequency optimization (10,420,953)
  • Lighting Apparatus (10,877,313)
  • Single-stage single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) inverter topology with precise and independent amplitude control for each AC output (10,903,756)
  • Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna Devices (10,910,691)
  • Reconfigurable Arrays With Multiple Unit Cells (10,931,022)
  • Foldable and Reconfigurable Antennas, Arrays and Frequency Selective Surfaces with Rigid Panels (10,938,109)


  • Lighting device with enhanced optical properties and liquid crystal display device having the lighting device (9,778,506)
  • Apparatus for generating depth image (9,781,406)
  • X-ray phase-contrast imaging (9,801,600)
  • Lens moving apparatus, camera module and mobile device including the same (10,057,493)
  • Lens Assembly and Camera Module Including the Lens Assembly (10,241,240)
  • Apparatus and method for quantitative phase-gradient chirped-wavelength-encoded optical imaging (10,365,465)
  • Contact Lens Manipulator with Suction Cup and Safety Release Mechanism (10,765,553)
  • Camera module and optical device including liquid lens (10,871,599)


  • Lane correction system, lane correction apparatus and method of correcting lane (9,818,301)
  • Network coding over GF(2) (9,866,349)
  • Minimizing information leakage from combinatorial logic (9,985,632)
  • Data Security (10,902,154)
  • Systems and Methods for Newtork-Based Intrusion Detection (10,911,471)
  • Systems and Methods for Monitoring Activity in an HDMI Network (10,929,530)

Marine Technology

  • General Purpose Submarine Having High Speed Surface Capability (7,856,938)
  • Cuddy Cabin Vessel with Separate Privacy Enclosure (9,403,581)
  • Multi Hull Pontoon Boat aft Cockpit Extension (10,858,070)
  • Boat Aft Cockpit Extension (10,926,838)


  • Bacterial host strain comprising a mutant SPR gene and a wild-type TSP gene (9,493,558)
  • Butyrogenic bacteria as probiotics to treat clostridium difficile (9,669,059)
  • Use of Xylella fastidiosa strain EB92-1 to generate tolerance to HLB disease in citrus (10,130,098)
  • Lactococcus lactis producing TSLP or IL-25 and their uses as probiotics and therapeutics (10,238,697)
  • Bacterial topoisomerase I inhibitors with antibacterial activity (10,266,550)
  • IS-targeting system for gene insertion and genetic engineering in Deinococcus bacteria (10,358,657)

Financial / Business Devices

  • Medium stacking apparatus, method for stacking a medium, and financial device (9,950,890)
  • Financial device (9,997,028)
  • Detection of counterfeit and compromised devices using system and function call tracing techniques (10,027,697)
  • Medium processing apparatus and financial device (10,127,756)
  • Apparatus and method for detecting object and financial apparatus using the same (10,204,325)
  • Data security (10,902,154)
  • Artificial intelligence real estate platform (10,984,490)


  • Low intensity magnetic field device for cosmetic skin treatment (10,195,456)
  • Collagen formulations for improved skin care (10,350,150)
  • Elliptical exercise device for simultaneous training of shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle and trunk muscles in a human (10,857,419)