The origins of Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk date back to 1981 when Mr. Roman Saliwanchik entered private practice after over 20 years as in-house patent counsel for The Upjohn Company. During his career, Mr. Saliwanchik received widespread recognition for his leading role in shaping biotechnology patent law through his involvement in landmark legal decisions including In re Argoudelis and In re Bergy.

The intellectual property law firm, which was started in 1981 when Mr. Saliwanchik entered private practice, has now grown. The same creative thinking that made Mr. Saliwanchik a respected pioneer in his field is the hallmark of the services provided now by the firm.

Since 1981, Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk (SLE) has committed to providing its clients the finest legal services available in the field of intellectual property. SLE has a storied history of securing intellectual property rights of inventions based on scientific research. SLE is particularly active in patent matters involving inventions that pertain to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical and industrial instruments, organic chemistry, electronics, optics, materials science, mechanical devices and watercraft technology.

SLE has extensive experience in filing and prosecuting patent applications, including representing clients whose applications have become involved in appellate proceedings. Services provided by SLE also include patentability, infringement, and patent validity opinions; negotiating license and contract arrangements; as well as advising clients involved in the settlement of intellectual property disputes. SLE also has extensive experience in trademark clearance, registration, and dispute resolution.