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Natural Products

Discorhabdin Compounds and Methods of Use (6,057,333)

Health and Pharmaceutical Related

Systemic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer with Platelet Factor 4 (5,284,827)
Injectable Composition (5,972,992)
Stabilized Pharmaceutical Compositions (5,977,164)
Method and Compositions for Early Detection and Treatment of Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (6,001,360)
Method for Diagnosing and Staging Prostate Cancer (6,004,267)
Materials and Methods for the Detection and Treatment of Wegener’s Granulomatosis (6,033,915)
Pharmaceutical Drug Dosage Forms Providing Different Release Rates (6,056,968)
Levobupivacaine and Its Use (6,069,155)
Treatment of Peptic Ulcers Using Midkine (MK) Proteins (6,083,907)
Materials and Methods for Treating Autoimmune Disease (6,083,919)
Materials and Methods for Enhancing Muscle Performance and Recovery from Fatigue (6,100,287)
Use of Anti-HIV IGA Antibodies for Producing Immunological Protection Against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (6,124,132)
Compound for Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmia, Synthesis, and Methods of Use (6,130,240)
Method for Early Detection of HIV Infection in Babies (6,132,959)

Medical Devices and Procedures

Neurosurgical Clip Applier ( 5,122,150)
Safety Scalpel (5,330,492)
Improved Manual Resuscitator (5,359,998)
Novel Device and Method for Hip Protection and Stabilization (5,383,920)
Infection Resistant Blood Sampling System (6,156,019)
Articulating Spinal Implant (6,179,874)


Water-Stabilized Organosilane Compounds and Methods for Using the Same (5,954,869)
Process for Preparing Galanthamine Derivatives by Asymmetric Reduction (6,018,043)
Water-stabilized Organosilane Compounds and Methods for Using the Same (6,120,587)


Insecticidal Protein Fragments (6,114,138)
Plant Ubiquitin Promoter System (6,054,574)
Hybrid Pesticidal Toxins (6,051,556)
Process and Composition for Controlling Weeds (6,034,034)
Method of Inserting Viral DNA into Plant Material (6,037,526)
Nucleic Acid Vaccines Against Rickettsial Disease and Methods of Use (6,025,338)


Biological Remediation and Creosote- and Similarly- Contaminated Sites (5,132,224)
Biological Process for Recovering Heavy Materials (5,221,327)

Proteins and Antibodies

Bacterial Plasmin Receptors as Fibrinolytic Agents (6,136,323)
C-Terminal Peptides of Interferon Gamma (6,120,762)
Heat Stable Mutants of Starch Biosynthesis Enzymes (6,069,300)
Antibody Recognizing a Small Subset of Human Hematopoietic Cells (6,043,348)
Biologically Active Fragments of IL-1 Beta (5,998,578)

Genes, Genetic Engineering, and DNA Synthesis

Human IL-1 cDNA Sequences Encoding Biologically-Active Human IL-1 Proteins (5,077,219)
A Multifunctional Controlled Pore Glass Reagent for Solid Phase Oligonucleotide Synthesis (5,141,813)
Octopine T-DNA Structural Genes (6,090,627)
Materials and Methods for Delivery and Expression of Heterologous DNA in Vertebrate Cells (6,127,172)
Synthetic Transfection Vectors (6,153,598)


Fuel-Efficient Watercraft with Improved Speed, Stability, and Safety Characteristics (5,325,804)
Underground Effluent Disposal-Delivery Treatment System (5,196,125)
Closed System For Volatile Organic Compound Recycling (5,618,333)
Contracting/Expanding Self-Sealing Cryogenic Tube Seals (5,628,517)
Novel Process for Making Molded Polyurethane Laminae Articles (5,747,167)
Dental Curet and Sharpening Machine System (6,149,431)
Post Hole Digger (6,089,632)
Handheld Portable Digital Geographic Data Manager (6,083,353)
Combined Convex/Flat Mirror and Wiper Assembly with Adjusters (6,032,323)
Adjustable Gold Putter (6,024,652)


Novel Materials and Methods Utilizing a Temporary Visual Indicator (5,523,075)
Novel Composite Materials and Methods of Manufacture and Use (5,705,280)
High-Tc Superconducting Oxide Products and Macroscopic and Microscopic Methods of Making the Same (5,756,427)
Methods for Altering the Magnetic Properties of Materials and the Materials Produced by these Methods (6,113,746)


Anti-Shoplifting Security System (5,703,566)
Instantaneous Fluid Heating Device and Process (5,784,531)
Interactive Television Service
Method for Performing a Scan Function on Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers (6,147,348)
Electrical Connector Apparatus and Method (6,126,491)
Coaxial Cable Connector (6,123,567)
Linearized Y-fed Directional Coupler Modulators (6,101,296)
Interface Apparatus and Method Between a Selector and a Plurality of Vocoders in a Mobile Communication System (6,002,999)


Liquid Crystal Optical Shutter (5,455,083)
Optical Recording Medium (5,503,890)
Organic Optical Recording Medium and Method for the Prevention Rewrite Therein (5,645,907)
An Enhanced Resolution Image Guide (5,881,195)
Plastic Optical Fiber Airway Imaging System (6,115,523)
Materials and Methods for Improved Radiography (6,158,888)


Traceback Device of Trellis Decoder (6,075,822)
Representative Value Selector (5,751,726)
Bypass Mode Operative Based on PCM Data (6,064,994)
Patient Data Acquisition and Control System (6,074,345)
System and Method for Writing Data to a Serial Bus from a Smart Battery (6,173,350)
Hard Hand-off Timing Determining Method Through Software (6,208,860)