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Although every person in our firm assists in reaching our goal of providing outstanding service to our clients, SLE recognizes the special contributions made by the individuals of our firm who are women and/or belong to a minority group.

We are proud that our group of employees has included people with many different minority backgrounds, including African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics. Despite our firm’s relatively small size, currently we have attorneys and staff members who were born in Korea, China, and Taiwan. Over 25% of our IP professionals belong to a minority group.


In addition to enriching our work environment and benefiting our community and profession, we believe that our diversity is an important asset in providing the very best in intellectual property services. For example, we are able to communicate with our clients in multiple languages. This enables us to communicate efficiently with inventors from all different backgrounds as well as with our foreign associates around the globe.


SLE also recognizes the need to support and encourage the effort to increase the number of women IP professionals. SLE has continued to employ an unusually high number (especially for the traditionally male-dominated field of patent law) of women IP professionals. Currently, 35% of our IP professionals are women.